Presentation Curtain
why not make your plaque unveiling by hiring a presentation curtain...quality curtains supplued with brass for the Queen's visit!

Save time and money by hiring our curtains
for your next unveiling

Quality curtains are hung on a brass rail
and mounted on a solid wood plinth

Easily fixed to any wall with attached picture hangers

Three sizes available;
Small - plinth 1m x 10cm
Curtain drop 76-90cm
Curtain opening 40cm
All colours available

Standard - plinth 1.22m x 10cm
Curtain drop 76-90cm
Curtain opening 63cm
All colours available

Long - plinth 1.6m x 10cm
Curtain drop 1m
Curtain opening 84cm
Only available in royal blue and red

Curtains available in royal blue, red. gold, navy blue, teracotta, sage and green

7-day Hire incl. delivery & collection

Engraving costs:

Code Colour Size Price (in £)
Curtain R/Blue Small Royal Blue Small 150.00
Curtain Red Small Red Small 150.00
Curtain Gold Small Gold Small 150.00
Curtain N/Blue Small Navy Blue Small 150.00
Curtain Teracotta Small Teracotta Small 150.00
Curtain Sage Small Sage Small 150.00
Curtain Green Small Green Small 150.00
Curtain R/Blue Standard Royal Blue Standard 150.00
Curtain Red Standard Red Standard 150.00
Curtain Gold Standard Gold Standard 150.00
Curtain N/Blue Standard Navy Blue Standard 150.00
Curtain Teracotta Standard Teracotta Standard 150.00
Curtain Sage Standard Sage Standard 150.00
Curtain Green Standard Green Standard 150.00
Curtain R/Blue Long Royal Blue Long 150.00
Curtain Red Long Red Long 150.00

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